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Beyond ComPear

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

Spring.  My days are given over to field trips, baseball, or the schedule upheavals they create. I spent the day on a preschool field trip to West Seattle. This meant a volley of high-pitched screeching in enclosed spaces (how do 5 year old girls hit notes that high?) and that fun “why” game.  Would it have been wrong for me to get to drink every time I was asked, “why?”

I did perk up on the way home when I hit the West Seattle Produce Company – a brand new produce stand on Fauntleroy Way SW. I got lots of cocktail fixin’s, including mint, cilantro, pineapple, Meyer lemons and Asian pears. It was these last that my daughter went crazy for, and while I was thinking the equivalent of comfort food in cocktails, Shirley Temple was insisting that we make a drink with pears (yup, even my kids are getting into the act).

So we did. Asian pears, fresh mint leaves, honey syrup, lime and lemon juices and ginger beer. Of course, I added some Captain Morgan’s spiced rum to mine.  I’m sure you could substitute regular pears.

Beyond ComPear

3 mint leaves
1 ½  oz Captain Morgan spiced rum
3/4 oz pureed Asian pear
½ oz honey syrup (see below)
¼ oz lemon juice
¼ oz lime juice
1 oz ginger beer (I used Cock N Bull brand; other brands may be sweeter)

Make the honey syrup ahead by vigorously shaking together equal parts honey and warm water and allow to chill in the refrigerator. Make a batch as it will keep for 3 weeks refrigerated.

Puree the Asian pear and set aside. Muddle the mint leaves in a shaker, then add ice, pear puree, honey syrup, and lemon & lime juices; shake well. Double-strain into cocktail glass, add ginger beer and stir.

Keep in mind that even fresh ingredients can vary in flavor, so it’s important to taste a drink and then adjust for sweetness or tartness as desired. If you are serving to guests and they don’t want your cooties, try this: dip in a straw, hold the top and then release the portion into your mouth.  

I’m thinking it is time for my own field trip. There are many mixologists shaking up great cocktails Seattle area. If you have a favorite destination, please share with us!

Cheers, ICE

Next up to bat: drinks featuring rhubarb.