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A Cackle Nite Hollow

Friday, October 21st, 2011

Don’t you love anagrams? So much fun scrambling up words to make new combinations. Here are some for “Halloween Cocktails” that still fit the theme:

A Cackle Nite Hollow
Hello, A New Cocktail
Hone Well A Cocktail
A New Alcohol Tickle

 For real Halloween cocktails, whip up the Bloody Sunday punch I created last year, or try this fun layered one. Enjoy either of these at your Halloween party next weekend! I will work on more next week (“Hello, A New Cocktail”).

 Hone Well A Cocktail

Amongst the Halloween parties October 27-30 will be the first annual Seattle Cocktail Week – definitely “A New Alcohol Tickle!” There will be events at bars all over the city in celebration of cocktails. For updates, check out the event’s Facebook page. Be sure to attend the LUPEC event on Thursday, October 27 from 7-9 pm at Rob Roy. “Boobs, Booze & Beignets” will raise money for breast cancer research New Orleans-style. Good cause + good cocktails = good time!


Cheers, ICE


Crossing the Bridge

Monday, October 10th, 2011

Look at me go: the third post in a row with my own creation! I feel like I’m in touch with my inner mixologist. Or maybe my inner lush. Sometimes they are very hard to tell apart.

My inner mixologist pointed out that many of my herbs will soon be departing for winter. My inner lush reminded me that pear vodka is great in the fall. So I shook up the following concoction, sort of a bridge between summer and fall; or a bridge between mixologist and lush.

 Bridge the Gap

 4 large sage leaves
3 inch rosemary sprig
1 1/2 oz le poire vodka*
3/4 oz lemon juice
1/2 simple syrup

 Muddle sage and rosemary with lemon juice; add ice, vodka and simple syrup and shake well. Double strain into a rocks glass with ice. Add additional sage leaf to garnish (optional).


Something else that will satisfy my dual inner voices is the new Swig Well, a “drinking academy” started by Anu Apte, bartender/owner of Rob Roy in Seattle. Anu presented a preview class just for LUPEC members last week, where she demonstrated how tweaks to a cocktail can help us match our “Memories in a Glass.” Classes are open to the general public by reservation, unless otherwise noted. I can’t wait!  Looks like I’ll be spending more time on a bridge — the 520.

 Cheers, ICE

 *I find most flavored vodkas too sweet or artificial tasting, but the Grey Goose Le Poire is quite nice.

 As always, check out my Glossary of Spirits page for alcohol and mixer definitions and details.


Try a Bloody Mary Before That Hail Mary

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

Last week some friends and I ditched “regular life” and took the ferry to Port Townsend on the Olympic peninsula. Like a similar jaunt last summer, we had no particular plan: Some browsing, some eating and drinking, some laughs. Our fond memories of playing cards while sipping outstanding Bloody Marys led us to our favorite “dive” tavern, the Water Street Brewing & Ale House. But, to our dismay it was CLOSED! The pull-out-the-taps, remove-the-barstools (but not the funky murals) type of closed. Sigh.

Last summer I had talked up those Bloody Marys to my husband and he had countered by saying that the “bloodies” at Washington National Golf Course in Auburn were the best he’d had. So we agreed on a Bloody Mary Smackdown with the goal of sampling multiple recipes until we found our favorite.  Now, making a Bloody Mary is an awful lot like cooking to me – so many ingredients! – but I was game. Fortunately, a few trials into the smackdown our friend, Mason (formerly a liquor distributor), saved us by recommending Demitri’s Bloody Mary mix. Whew.

Demiti’s has kindly bottled up the right proportion of spices for a great drink. In fact, it’s good enough that I admit to making them without vodka when I want to squeeze in a serving of veggies (bonus fact: I just learned that the virgin version is called a Bloody Shame!). Another plus is that it is a Seattle company, although its products are available in grocery stores all over. No, they aren’t sponsoring or in any way compensating me (darn it). I just figure that with fall approaching you might need a Bloody Mary as fortification before – or during – that big football game. Or, like me, before watching little kids kick each others’ shins at soccer games.  Go Comets!

Bloody Mary or Bloody Shame? I'll never tell.

Super-Easy Bloody Mary

1 ½ oz vodka
6 oz tomato juice
A few dashes of Dimitri’s Bloody Mary mix (to taste)

Stir together in a highball glass and add condiments as desired. Salt or spiced rim is also a welcome touch. The spicy chipotle rim salt in the photo was provided by my friend Dee.

Now I need to hunt down some of those pepperoni sticks and fiery green beans like the Water Street Brewery used…  

Cheers, ICE


Get Thee to the Naga!

Saturday, July 24th, 2010
I had the best bar experience EVER the other night. I mentioned in a recent post how I was impressed by the Naga Bar at the Chantanee Thai Restaurant in Bellevue, so I was quick to suggest it for another night out this week.  Food & Wine Magazine named the Naga Bar one of the Top 100 cocktail bars in the world, but I think it is our opinion that really counts: Verdict? The Naga rocks.

My Scandalous Dutchman at the Naga Bar. Made with Genever gin and much more.

The cocktail menu is extensive, so we eventually went off the grid and just asked our server for recommendations. Our praise for our drinks – which included mocktails since two were sans-alcohol for the evening – and probably our enthusiasm (and, OK, it looked like a slow night), brought bartender Chris Faber to our booth. With just a little steering toward our preferences – gin or tequila, spicy or not? – and our encouragement to “surprise us,” he brought some truly fantastic cocktails to our table. Even the mocktails were crafted, made of layers of so many fresh juices and herbs that I lost track of the ingredients.  My favorite cocktail was his “Scandalous Dutchman,” both for the name and the taste.

Faber is obviously enthusiastic and knowledgeable about mixology, but not condescending. He gave me good information about some gins to explore (I did not identify myself as a cocktail blogger, lest it seem like I was trying to make myself look “important”), I think because he is just passionate about the subject. But my favorite is when he described the Corpse Reviver – a classic stiff cocktail that varies with gin, Lillet Blanc, vermouth and more – as a “bad-ass lemon drop.”  Chris, please have that bad-ass lemon drop waiting for me because I will be back soon!

Cheers, ICE