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Don’t Mean a Thang If It Ain’t Got That Twang

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

We were recently in Chinook, Montana, to celebrate Red’s grandparents’ 70th Anniversary – wow! The long weekend was busy with activities and getting reacquainted with their kids, kids’ kids and kids’ kids’ kids, about 80 people in all.

One such activity was a hayride into the prairie, but we had to get there first. The kids and some adults piled onto the chartered, un-air-conditioned school bus while some of us opted to follow in a few cars. This was a good decision, because the school bus overheated on a quiet Montana road and we ALL ended up crammed into the cars, with kids perched on coolers in the way back, teenagers crammed between seats and adults…well, we were happy that there was cold beer in said coolers.  

I had bought the town out of Corona my first night there (there were only two cases to be had among all that Bud Light and Miller), and a few of those were stashed in the back. But Coronas just aren’t the same without a lime wedge. Unless you have lime salt on hand. And who just happened to have some Twang Lime Beer Salt in her backpack? Well, I was a Girl Scout once upon a time and it’s not just the boys who come prepared.

Twang Lime Beer Salt is simply crystallized lime and salt. Given a few shakes into a beer, it imparts that nice lime flavor and makes your beer fizz. It is my go-to when I’m out of limes or when slicing a lime is impractical (like in a hotel room or when camping – not that I do that – or on a plane). And now, I’ve learned, on long stretches of Montana road.

Cheers, ICE

PS, I got my Twang at a Metropolitan Market but I’m not sure if they are restocking it. I just ordered more from the company.

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