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The Perfect Pumpkin Finale for Your Feast

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

Can’t decide whether to make a pumpkin pie or pecan pie for Thanksgiving? Bag them both and whip up this easier dessert cocktail instead.

Praline Pumpkin Pie

¾ oz vodka
½ oz praline liqueur (or substitute, see notes below)
2 ½ T pumpkin ice cream (I used Snoqualmie Pumpkin Custard)
1/8 t ginger juice (optional)
Scan pinch of salt
Scant pinch of pumpkin pie spice for garnish (optional)

Measure out softened ice cream and add it to the vodka, praline liqueur, ginger juice and salt in a mixing glass. Stir until mixture is uniform in texture. Pour into chilled cocktail glass and sprinkle pumpkin pie spice on top before serving.  Note: For the ginger juice I used the liquid in a jar of Ginger People’s grated ginger, but the drink won’t be ruined without it. You may substitute the praline liqueur with Frangelico liqueur or amaretto, but they can be stronger flavors, so start with only ¼ oz and add to taste.  Update 12/6: I noticed in a Food & Wine book that they recommend substituting praline liqueur with equal parts Frangelico and amaretto to approximate the taste. A useful option if your friend didn’t bring you back any praline liqueur from New Orleans.

Praline Pumpkin Pie: It's like three desserts and a cocktail rolled into one.

I created this one after experimenting with other pumpkin cocktail recipes (see below) that used pumpkin butter. Faced with having to make my own pumpkin puree mix or syrup, I had an “ah ha” moment and grabbed some pumpkin ice cream to create this creamy dessert drink. The ice cream has a nice spiced pumpkin taste that the praline liqueur plays off while the combination keeps both flavors in balance.  Top with whipped cream to really get your pie on. 

Other options

During my experimenting, I did find a couple of “pretty good” pumpkin drinks and discovered a nice pear vodka by Grey Goose.  Both of these drinks came from’s cocktail page via the Grey Goose company (the local liquor stores have a big display right now that includes a handy sample pack of their flavored vodkas, but definitely substitute brands if you have a different one on hand).

Pumpkin Carver

1 ½ oz Grey Goose L’Orange Vodka
½ oz maple syrup (the original recipe says ¾ oz, but it was too much)
½ oz ginger liquer
1 t pumpkin butter (I used Trader Joe’s brand)
1 oz fresh lemon juice
Apple chip to garnish

Add ice and all ingredients to a cocktail shaker and shake until well chilled. Pour into a chilled cocktail glass and garnish (optional).

Pumpkin Divine

1 oz Grey Goose La Poire vodka
1 T pumpkin butter (or less)
½ oz triple sec
½ oz simple syrup
Pinch each of cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and ginger
Apple chip sprinkled with nutmeg to garnish

Add ice and all ingredients to a cocktail shaker and shake until well chilled. Pour into a chilled cocktail glass and garnish (optional).

The Pumpkin Carver Cocktail

This year I give thanks for a bounty of cocktails I’ve tried and for you Ice + Clink + Drink readers I share them with.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Cheers, ICE


Payback’s a Bitch

Sunday, May 9th, 2010

It’s Mother’s Day morning and I’m looking through my master drink book with bloggin’ on my mind. Red Hook* asks if I’m starting up cocktail hour early. But I see a more important question here: why isn’t he making me brunch so that I can bust out the champagne?!

There are lots of great brunch cocktails out there, and I’ll get to them here someday. But I was thinking a better drink for today is the Payback.  Is it because today is the day to pay moms back for all they do? Or the payback that we’ll enjoy when our kids become parents? Interpret it however you wish.

The Payback

2 slices jalapeno chile
½ fresh kiwi fruit, peeled and sliced
1 ½ oz silver tequila
1 oz triple sec
½ oz fresh lemon juice
½ oz fresh lime juice
½ oz simple syrup

(This recipe requires muddling. Ideally you would use a muddling tool with a flat end and long handle to press the fruit or herbs to release their juices or oils. This is isn’t hard, but you don’t want to mangle them.) 

Remove seeds from jalapeno slices, but leave the white membrane. Muddle the jalapeno and kiwi slices in a cocktail shaker. Add ice and remaining ingredients and shake vigorously. Strain into an ice-filled rocks glass and enjoy!

This recipe comes from The Modern restaurant in New York City and is included in the excellent cocktail book, MixShakeStir.

Cheers, ICE

BTW, I just got a unique Mother’s Day gift. Roy Rogers* is pretty excited that I’m starting this blog, enough so that he created notices announcing the debut of Ice + Clink + Drink. He plans to put these in the neighbors’ mailboxes, for which I readily apologize.

*to find out who Red Hook and Roy Rogers are, please check out my “ICE, Red, Roy & Shirley?” page.