Who are Ice, Red, Roy & Shirley?

I am the ICE in Ice + Clink + Drink. It is a nickname my husband (see below) took from Janice, and not because I’m a cold, heartless bitch.  I think.  Ice is also, of course, a critical ingredient in cocktail making. 

I have a few more critical ingredients in my life and will no doubt reference them in posts:

Red Hook [A Seattle-area brewery]: This is hubby. You might think it is a dis naming him after beer on a cocktail blog. But long before I discovered cocktails, I was into beer. I chose this particular brand because – like my husband – they are local, successful and well-liked. And, unlike me, hubby is a true red head.

Roy Rogers [a mocktail made with cola and grenadine]:  This is my son. I call him “Sheriff,” due to his law-and-order sensibility. That makes me think of cowboys, and Roy Rogers played many a cowboy in his day.

Shirley Temple [a mocktail made with 7-up, grenadine and a cherry on top]: Like this drink, my daughter is sweet and pink; though in her case we ought to add a little jalapeno heat.

Sangria  [A riot of booze, fruit and wine!]: I have fantastic friends, and many encouraged me to start this blog (and are incredibly willing to go on cocktail excursions with me). No doubt I will be mentioning them on these pages, by name or nickname.