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Sham-rockin’ on St. Patrick’s Day

Get out the green and have a cheery St. Patrick’s Day. But just a warning: Leprechauns get thirsty, and you really don’t want to piss them off. Have one of these drinks on hand. Even if you aren’t delivered a pot ‘o gold, these drinks are still magically delicious.

The cilantro garnish almost looks like a shamrock clover, right? Right?

Sacred Silence

1 oz citron vodka
½ oz green chartreuse
1 cucumber chunk (less than 1″, peeled
2 cilantro leaves
4 green peppercorns
1 squeeze of lemon
½ oz simple syrup (I reduced to ¼ oz)
¼ oz Jones Green Apple Soda (optional; just bumps up the green)

Muddle cucumber, cilantro and peppercorns in a cocktail shaker. Add ice, vodka, green chartreuse, lemon squeeze and simple syrup and shake well. Double strain into ice-filled glass.

Note: while the picture shown on Grey Goose’s site makes this drink look very green, it wasn’t.  I added the Jones Soda to make it more appropriate for St. Patrick’s Day and adjusted the simple syrup accordingly. 

The Sparkling Shamrock for one day only.

I admit I was skeptical about the next cocktail, but gave it a shot. Red and I had the same, probably comically surprised reaction – this is a really good drink! Incidentally, I found this on the Grey Goose site when scrolling through their fabulous pictures looking for green drinks, but later saw the same recipe on other sites with an appropriate name change: The Sparkling Shamrock.

 Cucumber Fizz/Sparkling Shamrock

1 ½ oz pear vodka
½ oz St. Germain
2 oz juiced cucumber (peeled)
½ oz lemon juice
½ oz simple syrup
Top with lemonade or club soda

Shake all but club soda with ice. Double strain into ice-filled highball glass and top with lemonade or club soda. Garnish with mint, cucumber slices and lemon zest.

If you are looking for other green options, click on the “green_drinks” tag in the sidebar.  And, as a new feature, you can always check out my Glossary of Spirits page for alcohol and mixer definitions and details.

Cheers! ICE


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5 Responses to “Sham-rockin’ on St. Patrick’s Day”

  1. Cara in the House Says:

    ok, now this looks good! but i feel like i say that to myself EVERY time I read your posts. i love how versatile cilantro is! and so flavorful!

  2. LB Says:

    Ditto ! And I wish I had a sparkling shamrock in my hand ! Jealous that you might !

  3. Sheila Says:

    Forget the Shamrock Shakes — make me one of these, baby.

  4. Adriana Says:

    I went to a St. Patricks day party on Thursday and they were serving THE BEST cocktails! One was just like the cucumber fizz, which I loved, and another one was a mixture of TY KU liqueur and Whiskey! Sooo tasty, the TY KU is like a melon flavor which i love!

  5. ICE Says:

    Your comment prompted me to find this in my stash of recipes:

    •1 oz TY KU liqueur
    •2 oz Irish whiskey
    •2 drops peach bitters
    •lemon twist

    I haven’t tried it because whiskey and Ty Ku seemed an odd combination, but your experience suggests otherwise. Thanks for the message!