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A Green Cocktail for a Festive Season

There’s a reason most New Year’s resolutions focus on eating better and drinking less, and it’s called Holiday Hangover. We are thick into the season of treats, heavy buffet tables and boozin’. So if you want a cocktail that is a bit lighter in calories and alcohol, it’s right here for you. And, being green, it’s perfect for those Christmas parties.

Single Ladies (not mine, I didn’t name it)

1 oz Ty Ku sake liqueur
1 oz ginger liqueur (Loft Spicy Ginger; if using Domaine de Canton, add  ¼ to ½ oz)
3-4 oz white cranberry juice
Splash of Green Apple Jone’s Soda (optional and only to bump up the color)

Shake all of the above with ice, then strain into a chilled cocktail glass and serve.

I originally discovered this drink and the Ty Ku liqueur after a friend asked me to suggest a green cocktail for a fraternity alumni banquet last month. The drink was such a hit there was a rush to the bar and they ran out early! The Ty Ku has a light, slightly melon flavor and comes in a groovy illuminating bottle. Being less sticky-sweet, I have found it preferable to Midori in other drinks.  

I suggested to another friend planning a holiday party that she serve red and green drinks – this one and my Bloody Sunday punch (although perhaps it should be renamed for this occasion), and she got great reviews for both.  Serving a fabulous cocktail is expected; having it match the decorations is a bonus.


Cheers, ICE


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6 Responses to “A Green Cocktail for a Festive Season”

  1. Ginger Says:

    Ginger liquor? YUM! Looks both festive and delish.

    Happy Holidays, ICE!


  2. Cait Says:

    Oh, I hope you bring it to Christmas dinner with the fam!!! :)

  3. LB Says:

    This one was truly great – the ginger wasn’t overly strong and the Ty Ku had a great flavor. Just got an email with a ‘request the recipe’ – success !

  4. Cara in the House Says:

    is it weird to think that drink is pretty? forget how it tastes, i LOVE how it looks!

  5. christina Says:

    this looks like an amazing drink!. i was given a bottle over the holidays and i think im going to try it!

  6. christina12 Says:

    this looks like an amazing drink!. i was given a bottle over the holidays and i think im going to try it!