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See Cocktail Theater and Get “Sauced” Soon

Saturday night I tried four new cocktails, a pickled quail’s egg, watched a love triangle unfold, munched a sirloin-stuffed, deep-fried jalapeño pepper, and caught up with a friend, all while my butt stayed put in one seat. This was Café Nordo’s Sauced, and it wasn’t any ordinary cocktails-appetizers-love triangle, but dinner theater as expressed in Seattle’s unique mix of quirky and sophisticated.

I am no performance reviewer, so I can’t give you an educated rundown of the theater part of the evening, other than to say that I was surprised (but not blown away) by the story’s twist at the end. However, I did enjoy the blonde’s robust vocals and the actors’ portrayals, especially the bartender’s, due to his voice (channeling Humphrey Bogart) and monologues about cocktail olden times.  I am going to enjoy any story that unfolds within the lore and history of cocktails and liquor.

But at Sauced, I got to absorb it while sipping a flight of four cocktails created by famous Seattle mixologist Murray Stenson of the Zig Zag Café. These included The Slippage, with champagne and St. Germain liqueur; The Secret Kiss (my favorite and otherwise known as Alaska Cocktail), with local Voyager gin, yellow Chartreuse and orange bitters; A Box of Nails, with bourbon, triple sec and bitters; and Nordo’s Ephemera, with a chocolate flavor and no description.  The flight was especially enjoyable to me because I have long wondered why bars don’t offer cocktail flights like they often do wine flights. I couldn’t drink four regular cocktails without serious consequences, but loved being able to try four small ones throughout the evening.

The cocktails were served and featured during the performance, as the bartender mixed while the story progressed. (I couldn’t help but notice when the actor “used” a bottle of Angostura bitters instead of orange for The Secret Kiss. Yeesh, I’m becoming such a cocktail geek!) Accompanying the drinks and performance were exotic appetizers and dessert, and I was game to try them all, especially while sitting with my foodie friend Dee.

At $55 for a flight of four cocktails, four servings of unique food items and a performance, I feel like I got a great deal and a worthy reason to head out on a rainy Seattle night.  Café Nordo – at the old Red Hook Brewery location in Fremont – runs through Nov. 13, giving you plenty of time to try it out. I hope their next production of “theatrical cuisine” also features cocktails so prominently.


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  1. Ginger Says:

    Sounds like a perfect ICE night!