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Can a Cocktail Cure a Cold?

It is so predictable.  The kids go back to school and I get sick. Usually when I have a cold I nix the alcohol, but last night I got to thinking: could a cocktail also serve as a curative?

It makes sense, since so many of the ingredients I use do have health benefits.  All those limes and lemons add up to good doses of vitamin C, honey is a known mucous thinner (I know, ew), ginger is great for calming upset tummies, and alcohol is a relaxant (thus appearing in nighttime cold medicines). Browsing my pantry, I noticed some mint tea – wouldn’t that help clear a stuffy nose? Then my idea for a healing hot mint julep was born.

The No-More-Sniffling-Stuffy-Head-or-Coughing-So-You-Can-Sleep Cocktail*

6 oz brewed mint tea
1 oz bourbon
½ oz honey

To brew the tea, add one mint teabag to 6 oz of boiling water and let steep only 1-2 minutes. Add the bourbon and honey, and stir until dissolved. Let cool slightly before drinking!

Red Hook, who has progressed to the sinus infection stage of his cold (and is the source of mine!), balked at trying it but then declared it “really good.”  After sipping it a bit I really could breathe easier. So while it may not cure my cold, it does make the duration a bit more pleasant.

 *This, of course, is a variation of the old Vicks Nyquil slogan.

Cheers, ICE


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