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A Shandy is Dandy on a Hot Summer Day

I’m getting whiplash from the Seattle-area weather this summer, as we jump from cool and crummy to hot and sunny within days or hours. Now it’s HOT and replenishing fluids is essential. What to drink?

I could say that I’ve been avoiding the cocktail shaker because I don’t want to exert myself in our non-air-conditioned house. The truth is that I’m just lazy, and lazy days call for The Shandy. Here’s the recipe (don’t work too hard popping the caps off):

Take a bottle of pale ale
Mix it with a bottle of ginger ale
Add ice and stir gently. 

I am currently using Kona Longboard Lager, similar to a very pale ale, and Hansen’s Sugar-Free Ginger Ale. Other combinations work when neither the beer nor ginger ale dominates the taste.

Don’t judge: this drink is far better than it sounds. It is my preferred summer beverage for several reasons…

  1. Any other drink in this quantity would get me streaking-through-the-neighborhood drunk.
  2. It’s low in calories for the quantity.
  3. It’s easy to transport in a cooler and mix poolside.
  4. Full bottles of beer and ginger ale together with ice fit perfectly in a 32 oz Big Gulp cup.

Try it and you can be klassy like me.

My big gulp of Shandy

Cheers, ICE



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  1. Ginger Says:

    Gotta love #4!