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We Need a Pitcher, Not a Belly-Itcher!

Little League has wound down, but I’m still thinking about pitchers…of the drinking kind, of course. I brought the following to my son’s end-of-season team party and it disappeared quickly.

Bon Appetit is not my usual read, but flipping through the June issue I found its recipe for the Leland Palmer, which uses layers of juice, liquor and tea to create a unique, adult Arnold Palmer (usually half iced tea and half lemonade). As usual, I was missing an ingredient – jasmine tea – and forced to improvise, but I think it was successful. The TimberRattlers’ moms gave many thumbs up. 

 Here is my approach to this pitcher drink. Because there is plenty of time for the sugar to dissolve, simple syrup isn’t a necessity.

 1/2 c. honey + 1/2 c. warm water — stir until dissolved then chill
3 c. iced tea (I was lazy and used Trader Joe’s pre-brewed black tea)
3/4 c. gin
3/4 c. limoncello (a liqueur easily obtained at the liquor store)
3/4 c. fresh lemon juice
1/2 c. fresh grapefruit juice (regular or pink)
2.5 to 3 oz simple syrup (or use sugar to taste: maybe 1.5 to 2 oz to start)
1 c. club soda
Lemon wheels for garnish (optional)

Combine all and chill for 3-4 hours to let the flavors meld. Stir well before serving. A taste test will let you know if you need to add more sugar/simple syrup to the end product. Serve on ice and garnish with lemon wheels. Makes approximately (10) 6 oz drinks. Created by bartender Damon Boelte of Brooklyn.

Or another option…

One friend, who liked it because it isn’t alcohol-strong, recently served this at a volunteer function at her home.  She made further changes to my version, using decaf green tea instead of black tea and ruby red grapefruit, as well as bottled lemon juice.  Again it was popular and her guests quickly drained the pitcher and asked for more, proving this a versatile recipe. I have to love a drink that allows goofs, substitutions and day-of mixing –while I might plan ahead, I don’t always shop and execute ahead. I can now consider this pitcher drink to be my back-up plan.

Cheers, ICE


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One Response to “We Need a Pitcher, Not a Belly-Itcher!”

  1. Kari at MamaBloo Says:

    Even though I am a tequila girl, this one looks just too good to pass up. I am going to have to dust off my WSU drinking creds and get partying!!!!!!!!!!!